Woody Sullender
15 Apr 2013
Long overdue update. My time off for research/re-inventing is coming to fruition! Going to try out new performance work with at Silent Barn in a few weeks. Also, very happy to launch Ear | Wave | Event!
27 May 2013
New website at a fancy new address!
25 March 2013
Just noticed in a listing in the New York Times, the event at the Kitchen was "a collaborative piece by Sergei Tcherepnin, an artist and musician, and the artist Woody Sullender" - I am officially no longer a musician! Huzzah!
23 Jan 2013
A few things in the works, but just added to an event at the Kitchen in NYC. Currently working on a performance for the evening with Sergei Tcherepnin.
28 Nov 2012
I have been included in the Pretty Conceptual exhibition/holiday shop at Present Company in Brooklyn and am involved with a few events during the show. Also, my next 'big' project is a performance/installation at Scultpure Center on Dec. 15.
27 Jul 2012
It has been a while but I'll be back DJing on WFMU this Monday (July 30th) from noon-3pm, filling for Irene's show. If you miss it, all of my mis-cued seques live on in the archives.
8 Jul 2012
Just added much needed documentation from my project with Sergei Tcherepnin at Issue back in April.
28 Mar 2012
Issue Project Room just published a conversation I did with Sergei Tcherepnin for our performance there on April 4th.
16 Apr 2014
9 May 2014
Silent Barn (Brooklyn NY) w/ Tethers
Aug 2014
Los Angeles debut
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