Woody Sullender
9 Sept 2014
I just shared for FREE my old banjo/harmonica album with the great harmonica virtuoso Seamus Cater. We still have LPs but enjoy the MP3s!
25 Aug 2014
Back from doing my performance/installation at the Schindler House in LA. Some documentation is forthcoming! If around Baltimore/DC, come out this weekend for shows at the Red Room and the Back Alley Theater.
Aug 23, 2014
MAK Center for Art and Architecture/Schindler House, Los Angeles, CA
w/ Odeya Nini and Carmina Escobar
Aug 29, 2014
Red Room, Baltimore, MD
w/ Kevin Davis and Shana Palmer
Aug 30, 2014
Back Alley Theater, Washington DC
w/ Eames Armstrong and Cain/ Scheible Duo
Fall 2014
Issue #2 of Ear | Wave | Event launch
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