Performance at Soloway

with Sergei Tcherepnin

Considering music not only as content but also as social activity, the duo constructs sites for listening, touching, and direct engagement with sonic material. As objects and bodies are reorganized in space, musical and physical structures emerge and disappear. In this series of performances, provisional materials such as cardboard are transformed into arrays of tactile speakers which disperse the duo's live electronic music.

We do not intend for this to merely function as an impotent inclusion of "viewer participation", but as a rupture to propose new possibilities in social organization, either at the micro or macro levels. It is thrilling to find these same ideas developing within recent political movements as well, as we educate ourselves on finding new structures, new relationships, and new ways of being.

As French economist Jacques Attali states "The presence of noise makes sense, makes meaning. It makes possible the creation of a new order on another level of organization of a new code in another network". Considering Foucault's analysis of power upon and through bodies, we attempt to push spaces towards a state of flux, requiring improvisation to navigate our social roles.

This untitled performance was initially conceived for Soloway in Brooklyn, but repeated at the University of Virginia as well as Bowerbird in Philadelphia.

Audience footage from Univ. of Virginia