All images from Reverberations event at Sculpture Center, curated by Kristen Chappa
(© SculptureCenter, 2012
Photo: Megan Mantia)

Black Mirror


Black Mirror expands on previous work focusing on the the reorganization of the performance space.

After an invitation from Sculpture Center, I delved into their collection of objects commonly used for the display of art. Many of these objects were augmented with transducer, turning them into audio speakers. During the performance, these objects, usually used as a demarcation of where art begins and ends, were transformed. Audience members helped reconfigure the space, a display plinth becoming a stage then becoming a table. A roll of 2-inch audio tape was distributed among the audience, weaving a network of lines between viewers. A bottle of wine and cups were left on the emergent table as I left, leaving audio playing through the objects.

This piece was originally conceived for an evening at the University of Virginia with Fred Moten, then reworked for a performance at Sculpture Center.