Soloway hotel room installation view
(audio equipment intentionally not visible)

mp3 example excerpt of audio at 7 o' clock (2 min)

Clock (60bpm)

audio installation for Dependent Art Fair

While the mechanical clock of 13th century Western Europe predates industrial capitalism, it plays a significant role in the large social shift from a task-based experience of time to a clock-based experience of time in quantifiable units. Like the bell tower, this instrument of social order historically unifies individuals in acoustic space for specific aims, whether for economic production or religious practice.

Clock (60bpm) is a timepiece initially created for Soloway for the Dependent Art Fair 2012, which took place at the Comfort Inn in the Lower East Side, with a different NYC gallery in each hotel room. Functioning similarly to a carillon bell tower, the work primarily sounds every 15 minutes denoting the correct time via a melody.