All images by Paula Court

Performance at the Kitchen

performance with Sergei Tcherepnin and Okkyung Lee

This performance continued my collaboration with Sergei Tcherepnin of building theatrical physical environments for live electronic music.  In this piece, we specifically considered the theater context of the Kitchen and how to shift from modernist modes of music reception focusing on simple formal music elements to the actual construction of the social space.  Additionally, cellist Okkyung Lee was invited to interact with various musical and physical elements.

Large reflective planes were outfitted with audio transducers to resonate with synthesized and processed sounds.  These planes were re-arranged as tables, and later re-configured as large mirrors reflecting back at the audience.  This refocusing on the audience itself was doubled with a speaker array within the theater seats ringing with synthesized difference tones.

Additional gestures included hyper-directional ultrasonic speakers moving sound to specific points around the theater, audience members playing with cardboard speakers, Okkyung Lee shifting between visible and hidden within the staging, and many other movements revealing the construction of the concert.