All images by Walter Wlodarczyk from Furniture Music (Knockdown Center) performance

Furniture Music (Knockdown Center)


Furniture Music (Knockdown Center) was an installation/performance envisioned for Audiorium, a performance series utilizing a 10-channel audio system at Knockdown Center in Queens, NY.

This piece further developed approaches from Furniture Music (Schindler House), where sculptural rearrangements of the performance space were used to explore various modes of theatrical reception.

Before the performance, the installation consisted of cardboard furniture arranged in a cafe setting, with multiple tables, water, cups, etc.. As the performance commenced, some cardboard walls became tables and a small ‘living room’ was constructed within the cavernous Knockdown Center. Some audience members lingered in the living room, enjoying a lazy Sunday reading the New York Times. The installation shifted to other arrangements including one mirroring that of a chapel, with chairs arranged towards a table/alter.