Ear | Wave | Event

journal / zine
2013 - current

Ear | Wave | Event is a journal/zine/web publication co-edited with Bill Dietz.

With sound finding a greater place in academic sound studies conferences and museum sound art exhibitions, we found ourselves increasingly frustrated by the limited discourse on the sonic. Our publication attempts to expand larger arts discourses around the sonic, while framing music criticism via a more art historical lens.

After three more traditional journal issues, we began to experiment with the format. Our Issue Four consisted of a 12" booklet with a record jacket with contributions expanding notions of traditional music distribution. Our Issue Five was a music review website entirely written by AI.

Our Issue Six, guest edited by Jules Gimbrone, was a web interface of speculative scores. Issue Seven, guest edited by Suzanne Kite, returned to the journal format.

Twitter: @earwaveevent
Review: Feature article in Art in America
Example article: “Mind BAD, Body GOOD”. Amy Cimini & Woody Sullender