All images from Furniture Music (Schindler House) performance at the Schindler House, Los Angeles

Furniture Music (Schindler House)

Furniture Music (Schindler House) was an installation/performance envisioned for Rudolph Schindler’s Kings Road house.

The main attribute of the house is Schindler’s usage of form and space to redefine notions of interior/exterior and their common social usage, a theme common to my work.   Furniture Music builds upon this feature extending it into modes of listening and reception.

The installation/performance consisted of multiple arrangements of cardboard origami forms within and around the house.  These formations implied different social spaces such as a living room, a café, a sculptural exhibition, a ‘cocoon’ for one, etc..  Gestures such as the construction of a cardboard living room on the Schindler patio was not only meant to echo the architectural design, but also to highlight and confuse differences in public vs. domestic modes of reception.

Numerous formal elements of the home were also repeated in the design of the installation.  As Philip Johnson complained that the house ‘looked cheap”, my usage of cardboard without adornment as a primarily element echoes Schindler’s use of inexpensive materials left in their natural, unfinished state.  These cardboard forms when unfolded also resemble the tilted concrete slabs which form the house’s exterior.