Performance with Kevin Davis (cello), Jason Ajemian (bass), and Woody Sullender (banjo/electronics)

Sal Salis (for Maryanne)

composition for strings/surround electronics
2011 (debut at St. Paul's Chapel, NYC)

This work, made with assistance from Harvestworks, was written specifically for a multi-channel audio system installed at St. Paul's Chapel in downtown New York as part of the River to River festival and New York Electronic Art Festival

Since St. Paul's Chapel has such a heavy historical presence, ranging from L'Enfant's large altarpiece with Masonic/Hermetic imagery to a myriad of 9/11 artifacts and memorials, I wanted to construct an experience for the viewer that didn't simply overwhelm the audience by amplifying the surroundings. The intent was to counter the religiosity of the space by focusing on the corporeal nature of the listening experience.

Sal Salis focuses on experiencing the architectural space as a hearing body. Taking inspiration from the compositional strategies and techniques of the late Maryanne Amacher, the work shifts presence/absence, occasionally localizing the sound at the ear (via difference tones), by emphasizing the physical body.